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Christmas Trips with A2B | mobility in motion


Only a few weeks until the year 2016 is gone.

For that reason enjoy the silence and reflective time and visit the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. A2B | mobility in motion moves you to the Christmas market of your choice. We have a small selection of the most beautiful trips for the Advent season on our special offer site for you. Just look in Munich, Dusseldorf or Frankfurt and become bewitched from our winter offers.

The whole team from A2B | mobility in motion wishes a silence Advent season to you and your relatives.

Royal castles of Bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle (Munich) - Bavarian

We take you to the dream castles of King Ludwig II.

Starting from Munich, we take you along the Lake Starnberg to the pilgrimage Church of Wies in Pfaffenwinkel and continue our journey to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. Once there, you enjoy a 4 hours stay for joining a castle tour and lunch.  Afterwards, we drive onto the imposing Linderhof Palace in Ettal. We return via a picturesque village called Oberammergau with a short stop for a coffee break.

Price in a Minivan for max. 7 persons: 825 €
(Entrance fees are not included Price is including German VAT)


The Volkswagen Transparent Factory in Dresden | an adventure report written by one of our Chauffeurs

Die Gläserne Manufaktur

It was at the beginning of May, when my wife and I travelled pretty relaxed in the traffic towards Dresden on a lovely day. We checked into our hotel on the outskirts of the city, a pretty friendly business hotel looking over towards the famous Dresden Zwinger.

Due to receiving an order to pick up one of the brand new A2B | mobility in motion Phaeton fleet vehicles at the manufacturing plant in Dresden.

We took the urban train a few stops to the VW automotive manufactures know at the “Transparent Factory” and arrived to see a magnificent building in the middle of the city made of glass and steel. The impressive building gave one the impression it was more of a futuristic office building surrounded by gardens and greenery along with its rounded forms and building architecture. The Transparent Factory is also right next to the botanic gardens. That alone is a recommendable sight to see when in Dresden.

At this point we have a few duties awaiting us at the Transparent Factory, as we crossed a large bridge we arrived at the beautifully lit foyer. The foyer receives its guests in amazing natural woods and a fantastic atmosphere of dignified persons moving around the building as well as a highly technical impression of the unique facility.

One looks behind the enormous glass sheets with great silence upon how the employees dressed in white silently build up in slow motion on the various levels a magnificent Phaeton. During the magnificent observation a kind and friendly voice “Welcomes” you back into reality.

A friendly young lady welcomed us with a lovely smile and as soon as she heard that we came from A2B | mobility in motion she escorted us to a luxury lounge area. We were then introduced to our representative a Ms. Köhler, who then took care of us for the next few hours.

We enjoyed our encounter with Ms. Köhler who made us feel at home with small talk about our home in Munich and various interesting facts about Dresden and the impressing facts about the Transparent Factory that went into production in March 2002 and all about the architect’s office Hen, that originates from Munich. During our conversation Ms. Köhler supplied us with all the facts and figures about Phaetons and Bentleys.

The Transparent factory has approximately half a thousand employees, alongside the Phaetons  the Touareg’s and CCs are built and handed over in the 40 meter high tower.

The 280 vehicles are all different colours and different configuration standing around waiting to be transported at the push of a button.

We were then taken into an area where we could hand over our private things into a locker and then put on a white apron. We then entered a magnificent moment and we was standing right next to the slow motion production line, that reminded me of an over proportion baggage claim belt at an airport that was rotating more or less motionless.

We began watching the amazing process of the first production process, whereas the car bodies without the flooring groups are placed into position ready for the door process.

Ms. Köhler informed us that all the parts for the production arrive at the Transparent Factory via tram ways from the main logistics centre in Dresden and not via trucks. The complete process is managed in a “Just in Time” process. This process saves not only costs, it however id environmentally friendly to the environment and to the local residents.

During our tour of the Transparent Factory the employees kindly answered all our questions, the production team work in groups of two or three employees. It is also seen that the teams are a mixture of male and female.

Each process station has a time limit of 20 minutes. All the necessary tools and parts are supplied surrounding the production line. To keep the quality standards high in the production the teams exchange stations throughout the process. As we passed the various stations we started to arrive at the highlight of the production line and that is “Marriage Ceremony” Just before we got to see the Marriage Ceremony Ms. Köhler shown us all the needs and demands of a Bavarian Football club manager as well as the another top league football player. We discovered that nothing will be left out and the managers and players will have all their wishes fulfilled.

The Marriage Ceremony: The finished car bodies start entering the area (including the complete equipment) however without their doors. A lift mechanism changes the car bodies onto another production line and the floor groups, engine as well as all the mountings and suspensions are fitted.

VW Phaeton

This part of the production is taken over by robots. The robots work with the heavy loads and work millimetre exact to screwing and bolting on parts.

The car body goes through various finish stations such as the fitting of the doors. The vehicles then pass through very intensive quality control points. At this point in the production the floor coverage changes into wood, due to the fact that the vehicles are travelling on their own wheels. A testing quality management processes is then passed outside in the test areas and the vehicle is then returned into the building for a final cleaning and hand over to its proud owner.

Ms. Köhler then took us to a large frosted glass front that opened up with “Our Vehicle” we then took the A2b | mobility in Motionfleet vehicle to our hotel garage.

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening enjoying the sightseeing and visiting the city that the river Elbe flows through. At 8.00pm we were picked up in a luxury van and taken back to the Transparent Factory. The restaurant Chef Thorsten Bubolz and his team spoilt us in the 5 star Lesage restaurant that is run by the Kempinski Group.

The following morning we travelled back to Munich with the “Phaeton 326” and fitted the number plates that we had originally forgotten. That is why we would also like to thank Mr. Köhler for her support in helping us with red transportation numbers!

VW Phaeton
We would like to thank the whole “Transparent Factory” team for the excellent care and support in the last 9 years. A special hank you to Mr. Jens Ludwig for the longstanding intensive support and fulfilment of all special requests!

Sabine Richartz and Nils Bramlage as well as the complete team of A2B | mobility in motion